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About Our Pads

Our goal is to provide comfortable, functional quality padded shooting clothing at an affordable price.

Cloth pads are constructed of one layer of polyester fill between two layers of soft flannel cotton fabric which is quilted in a 1Ē diamond pattern which is applied inside the garment or outside with a fabric or microsuede covering. Compressed with the quilting are approximately 1/16Ē thick.

CLOTH SINGLE LAYER PAD- Our most popular, standard pad. Excellent pad for those who donít want the bulk however, need just a little more padding. Approximately 1/16Ē compressed.

CLOTH DOUBLE LAYER PAD- Two layers are quilted together for extra padding. This pad will be a slightly stiffer than the single layer but provides more comfort for those who shoot many rounds in one day or have problems with shoulder bruising. Approximately 1/8Ē thick compressed.

TRAP/SKEET SIZE PAD- The trap/skeet size pad is for those who start with a mounted gun. The pad is cut to fit each individual garment. We do not extend the pad to the shoulder seam to avoid bunching unless requested. The length will vary with the garment style however usually is mid-chest. We cut the pads slightly longer on the bulky garments to avoid catching the butt of the gun on the bottom edge of the pad.

Trap/skeet size pads with camouflage fabric covering.

Trap/skeet size cloth pad applied inside the shirt.

INTERNATIONAL SIZE PAD- International size pads are multi purpose size pads. The length varies depending on the garment style but ends at a point between the armpit and waist area. These pads would be suitable for sporting clays, FITASC, trap/skeet , and hunting. The width would be the same as the trap/skeet size pads.

International size pads applied inside and outside the shirts.

International size pad with microsuede covering and added pocket trim.

*NOTE: We will cut pads to your specifications. Please contact us for more information.

We can apply the pads to the outside of the garment in just about any color or pattern of fabric. Whether it be the same color of the garment, contrasting for team or school colors, blaze orange or camouflage for hunting, solid color pads on tie dye shirts, or tie dye pads on solid color shirts, or if you have fabric you would like us cover the pads with, you can create the garment you want.

Trap/skeet pad with contrasting fabric covering.

Microsuede is a manmade fabric which looks and feels like suede leather however, is completely machine washable and dryable. Not only does it look good on the garment, it provides a non-slip surface for your gun as well as extra cushioning however, it will make the pad stiffer and slightly thicker. The microsuede pads do become softer with use.

International size pad with microsuede covering.

Trap/skeet size pad with microsuede covering and added pocket trim.